[həʊm] noun

A sanctuary filled with your favourite things.


[həʊm] noun

A reflection of who you are and what you love.


[həʊm] noun

A place where you love to live.

Welcome to Catherine de Meur Interiors.

We create homes that are adored by owners and envied by guests, incorporating timeless design, bespoke elements and unique personal touches. Read on to find out more.

What we do

We live in a busy, crowded world. More than ever before, we want our homes to be a sanctuary, somewhere to feel truly calm. Catherine de Meur Interiors uses clever, classic design to give discerning clients timeless spaces to enjoy for years to come. By intimately tailoring the design process to each client, we can deliver highly personalised results.

Catherine de Meur Interiors provides an end-to-end design service. Whether you’re building from scratch, renovating or simply want to update your existing space.

To us, each client is unique. We talk, we listen and we collaborate, to ensure we truly understand you. Then we interpret this into a style that suits you – from room layouts, fixtures and fittings, finishes, textures, personal touches, even down to how spaces can impact your mental wellbeing.

Our clients love their homes is because it truly reflects them. Catherine de Meur’s collaborative approach ensures that clients love the design journey, as well as the outcome.

If you’re liking the sound of what we do, please get in touch.

cate liedtke interior designer
cate liedtke bespoke interior design

Get to know us

Welcome. Come on in. Look around and feel at home. This is a space where you can be yourself and love what you see. At Catherine de Meur, this is our guiding principle. Our clients love their lives and want their home to be a reflection of that.

Cate Liedtke is our Principal Designer. She brings with her a lifetime of loving design and over ten years’ professional experience.

“I crave calm and relaxed sophistication and my design philosophy reflects this. My clients come to me because I can interpret their mood and create a space in which they love to live.”

Using muted tones, earthy textures and unique touches, Catherine de Meur crafts spaces where people can feel truly at home. It’s not just finishes and furnishings that do this, but a true understanding of what makes our clients tick.

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